Undergraduate Courses

The following courses are offered by the department of mathematics.



MT 100

Foundations of Analysis

MT 111

Mathematics for Biological and Chemical Sciences

MT 114

Computer Programming (C++ language)

MT 120

Analysis I: Functions of a Single Variable

MT 127

Linear Algebra I

MT 136

Ordinary Differential Equations I

MT 147

Discrete Mathematics

MT 161

Matrices and Basic Calculus for Non Majors

MT 171

One Variable Calculus for Non Majors

MT 180

Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics

MT 200

Analysis II: Functions of Several Variables

MT 226

Partial Differential Equations

MT 233

Mathematical Statistics I

MT 249

Mathematical, Logic and Formal Semantics

MT 261

Several Variables Calculus for Non Majors

MT 271

Statistics for Mathematics Non Majors

MT 274

Numerical Analysis I

MT 278

Linear Programming

MT 280

Basic Pension Mathematics

MT 281

Life Contingencies

MT 310

Analysis III: Complex Analysis I

MT 348

Integer and Non Linear Programming

MT 357

Abstract Algebra

MT 360

Functional Analysis

MT 378

Queuing Theory and Inventory Models

MT 381

Credibility Theory and Loss Distributions

EV 200

Environmental Modelling

LE 300

Techno mathematics