PhD  in Mathematics

The department of Mathematics under Sida Mathematics project developed jointly with partner universities a new taught PhD programme by coursework and Dissertation. Candidate in this programme will specialize either in Pure Mathematics or in Applied Mathematics or Mathematical Statistics.

The PhD programme by coursework and dissertation is a four programme equivalent with 8 semesters. The coursework part will run for three semesters and dissertation to be done in 5 semesters.

The PhD programme is open to all eligible candidates including private sponsored candidates. The programme will contained three PhD students sponsored by the Sida Mathematics project.

Scholarships for PhD students

A panel of 8 members were formed comprises 3 professors from  Sweden , 3 lecturers from UDSM and 1 professor from Makerere University. The interview and selection of PhD candidates was held on 26th September 2015 from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.  Original list of applicants were 9. The list was shortlisted from 9 to 5 candidates on the merits of incomplete documents. 5 Candidates were interviewed  and 3 candidates were selected out of 5. The candidates awarded Sida Mathematics Sponsorship are:

  1. Mr. Pitos Seleka – from Mathematics Department (UDSM)
  2. Mr. Uledi Ngulo  – from Mathematics Department (UDSM)
  3. Mr. Edward Ngailo  – from Mathematics Department (DUCE)

The three candidates started their PhD training on Sandwich mode in March 2016. The sandwich mode for this programme provide an opportunity in each to spend 6 month in Sweden.

 Masters in Pure Mathematics and Masters in Mathematical Modelling

The department of mathematics offers two masters degree programmes in mathematics, namely:

  1. Masters in Pure Mathematics
  2. Masters in Mathematical Modelling

The two programmes were reviewed jointly with partner universities in January 2016 under the support of Sida Mathematics project to be internationally and regionally comparable and competitive.

Sponsorship for Masters in Pure Mathematics

This is project intending to improve the state of pure mathematics experts in Tanzania. The project started by putting in place the curriculum for pure mathematics training at masters level and will provide 8 sponsorship. These are sponsorship open to any candidate willingly to take further studies and research in pure mathematics. Priority given to candidates who are already employed in public universities in Tanzania. Four positions was announced in March 2016 and other four positions were announced in June 2017  and interviews conducted on 26th September to commerce their studies end of October 2018.

The first batch of 4 students supported by Sida Mathematics project in Pure Mathematics were enrolled in the academic year 2016/2017. The 4 students awarded sponsorships in Pure Mathematics are:

  1. Ms. Luambano Sholastica – Reg. 2016-06-00302
  2. Ms. Gowele, Jesline Elieza – Reg. 2016-06-00294
  3. Mr. Mgani Damas Karmel – Reg. 2016-06-00300
  4. Mr. Faustine Nziku – Reg. 2016-06-00298

Postdoc Research Sponsorship

The sida Mathematics project will award 3 scholarship for postdoc research in the period of five years. The first postdoc scholarship was awarded in the academic year 2016/2017 but awarded candidate had family problem and failed to take the post. The fund for this postdoc was reallocated for other activity.

The second postdoc was announced on January 2017 to be awarded in the academic year 2017/2018. Selection and award was made in June 2017 to Dr. David Koloseni. The scholarship covers stipend, health insurance and return air-ticket.