MSc in Mathematical Modelling


The Master of Science in Mathematical Modelling programme was launched in the department of Mathematics in 2008. The programme runs for a period of two years on a full-time, the first year being the coursework year and the second year is for dissertation. The programme was last reviewed in 2016 and the main aim of the review was to form a programme that gives a strong mathematical base for the PhD in mathematics programme by coursework and dissertation (started in the academic year 2016/2017).          The second aim for the review was to make the MSc. programme’s curriculum more internationally and regionally comparable and competitive.  Some old courses were revised and new courses developed.

The Department of Mathematics of UDSM at the moment has 23 academic staff members with PhD degrees. These staff members will be involved in the running of this programme. The Department of Mathematics also has enough space, good library facilities, and computing facilitates to support this programme effectively.


Course Mappings of the MSc. Mathematical Modelling Programme


 Semester I Courses

MT 663 Ordinary Differential Equations Core 12
MT 602 Numerical Analysis Core 12
MT 619 Applied Functional Analysis Core 12
MT 641 Advanced Mathematical Statistics Core 12
Elective Elective 12
Total   60


Semester II Courses


MT 604 Optimization Methods of Operations Research Core 12
MT 631 Stochastic Differential Equations Core 12
MT 683 Partial Differential Equations Core 12
Elective Elective 12
Elective Elective 12
  Total   60


Electives Courses

 MT 601 Advanced Probability Theory II 12
MT 605 Advanced Linear Algebra II 12
MT 609 Numerical solution of PDEs II 12
MT 610 Complex Analysis II 12
MT 628 Mathematical Finance and Insurance I 12
MT 640 Numerical Linear Algebra II 12
MT 643 Statistical Inference I 12
MT 644 Stochastic Systems II 12
MT 646 Bayesian Sampling methods I 12
MT 647 Fourier Analysis I 12
MT 652 Biomathematics II 12
MT 659 Measure Theory and Integration II 12
MT 660 Computer Programming I 12
MT 664 Graph Theory I 12
MT 665 Mathematical Packages  for Scientific Computations II 12
MT 672 Fluid Dynamics I I 12
MT 676 Fluid Dynamics II II 12



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