BSc in Actuarial Science

The department of mathematics runs one undergraduate degree programme (BSc. in Actuarial Sciences), in collaboration with Department of Finance under University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS) and Department of Statistics under the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS).

About B. Sc. In Actuarial Sciences

Actuarial science is the study of risk and uncertainty, usually of a financial and long-term nature. This degree programme offers students the opportunity to develop their mathematical ability, whilst staying focussed on financial and actuarial applications. Not only does the course provide the technical knowledge required by students wanting to join the Actuarial Profession, but it also seeks to promote the development of a wide range of skills. This ensures that graduates are able to add value in many areas for their future employers. The Recent graduates have been employed in the fields of insurance, as well as banking and finance.


The General University minimum requirements shall apply. In addition, an applicant shall be eligible for consideration for admission to the programme if s/he has obtained:
Category A: Direct Entry (Form VI)
At least two principal passes at ACSEE level, one of which has to be in advanced mathematics, at the same sitting
Category B: Equivalent Qualifications

  1. Ordinary diploma approved by the Senate in Mathematics, Statistics or other relevant discipline of not less than second-class and a grade in Statistics or Mathematics or Quantitative Method of C or better


  1. Advanced diploma approved by the Senate in Mathematics, Statistics or other relevant discipline with a grade in Statistics or Mathematics or Quantitative Method of C or better.


Dr. Mashaka Mkandawile,
Office number 304,
Mathematics Department building.
Mobile: +255 719 253005





DS 101

Development Perspectives 1

MT 281

Life Contingencies

ST 326

Survival Models

MT 136

Ordinary Differential Equations

ST 220

Basic Demographic Methods

ST 327

Actuarial Modelling

MT 144

Computer Programming

MT 226

Partial Differential Equations

FN 315

Basics of Actuarial Planning and Control

ST 113

Basic Statistics

MT 233

Mathematical Statistics

FN 314

Quantitative Methods for Risk Management

ST 121

Analytical Calculus

MT 278

Linear Programming

FN 316

Superannuation practices

AC 102

Accounting for Non business majors

FN 200

Principles of Finance

MT 381

Credibility Theory and Loss Distributions

FN 102

Introduction to Actuarial Studies

FN 209

Risk Theory

FN 317

Actuarial Practices in Insurance Schemes

DS 102

Development Perspective II

MT 280

Basic Pension Mathematics

FN 318

Actuarial Practices in Pension and Retirement benefits

CL 107

Communication Skills

FN 202

Financial Management

ST 325

Mathematical Demography

MT 180

Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics

LW 705

Legal Aspects of Actuarial Science

ST 121

Linear Algebra with Applications

ST 324

Linear Models

ST 114

Probability Theory I

BM 333

Field Practical with research component

FN 101

Principles of Macroeconomics

Optional courses



One option from the following

Two options from the following

ST 212

Statistical Inference I

ST 310

Statistical Inference II

ST 215

Differential and Difference Equations

ST 312

Stochastic Processes

MT 378

Queuing Theory and Inventory Models

MT 348

Integer and Non Linear Programming

One option from the following

FN 310

Investment Analysis

FN 301

Financial Analysis